Construction has begun

Things are moving quickly now.

The first step was to building the connection to Lima Road which required a LOT of gravel. Something like 50 tons of #1 and #2's.  Then the driveway and parking areas were built.  These are built to last. The first layer is "road fabric", the second layer is #2 gravel, about 200 tons.  The next layers will be another layer of "road fabric" then a version of recycled asphalt. These final layers will go on after construction of the building is complete.

Then another 20 tons of gravel for the "pad" that goes under the building

We owe a big Thank You to Dave our neighbor who donated his time to do all this work, and to Fox Contractors for loaning him the dozer, backhoe and compactor needed to make it happen. 

Over the next two weeks, AEP will install underground electrical service, and Pin Point Direction Drilling will install 2700 feet of piping to connect the building to Huntertown's water and sewer services. 

Meyer Building will beging construction of the building itself last week of April. This will take about 8 weeks from start to finish. Plumbing, Electrical and Heating/Cooling will be installed during that time.

Landscaping along the south property line will occur in late May. 

Once these major projects are underway, we will start preparing the site for the raptor structures - education bird habitats, rehabiltation pens, flight aviary.  The construction of the raptor structures will be done by VOLUNTEERS. 

We expect to "move in" this fall.

Mike Dobbs, Project Manager