Barred Owl Rescue #03152018

On 3/15/2018 Soarin' Hawk received a call about a Barred Owl that was found hanging in a tree from a fishing line that was wrapped around its wing in Franke Park. The rescuers waded out into the river to cut him down from the tree and bring him to us. Upon further examination, Kat found severe brusing and swelling of the left wing. There were also three small punctures on the left wing. There was also blood found on the right foot. This barred received fluids, an antibiotic, and pain medication.

Update 3/19/2018: Dr. Pat took this bird in for radiographs and there were no broken bones; but he does have a significant left wing droop. Dr. Pat is concerned about the integrity of the skin and muscles affected by the damage done to hangning in the tree. This bird will continue to receive antibiotics, pain medication, and his condition will be monitored daily.

Intake Number : #03152018BAOW