Another Barred Owl Goes Home

On October 4, 2020, Paul S. saw this owl standing along the side of the road in Huntington, completely soaked. Paul picked up the owl and got it out of the rain, then called the sheriff, who gave him the phone number for our rescue line. Paul wanted the bird to get fast treatment, so he graciously offered to drive it from Huntington to our treatment facility in Huntertown. An examination revealed that the owl was young, and had sustained head trauma. It had blood it its right eye and some possible nerve damage to its right leg. Our ICU staff began treatment immediately, first by giving fluids and pain medications to help stabilize it, then treating its eye injuries. (Sometimes head trauma and the accompanying swelling can cause partial or full blindness. When this is the case, vision can return after the swelling goes down. Such was the case with this guy.)

On October 24, he was moved to our rehabilitation facility, where he regained flight strength over time, and showed us he could catch live prey. Finally, he was strong enough, and ready to go home.

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