Baby Season, and How You Can Help Us!

Baby season is almost upon us! We need your help!

This is the picture of a baby Great-Horned Owl. Every spring we take in many, many orphans. In this case, it was due to a storm with strong winds that blew the nest out of the tree. We try, if possible, to "re-nest" the orphans if the nest is intact and the parents are still there to care for the young. But, each year we find that, in many cases, this is not possible and we raise the orphans at Soarin' Hawk.

While they are admittedly adorable, they also require a lot of work and time.  The very young are not able to regulate their own body temperature and thus we need incubators to keep them warm.  Unfortunately the two ancient incubators we had decided to stop working!   We would like to replace both incubators to give us the capability of separating the species.  We also use the incubators for adult raptors when they are admitted in critical condition, so the incubators are used year-round.

Once the babies have their adult flight feathers and are able to feed themselves, then we are able to release them to the wild. Releasing the orphans, as well as our rehab birds, is our ultimate goal and it is very rewarding to know that we did our part to make this happen.

Can you help us purchase this vital equipment? Please consider making a donation so we can give each raptor its best chance at returning to the wild.