Baby Barred Owl #2 Goes Home

On May 2, 2020, volunteer Lana received a call from a relative, saying she had a friend with a baby owl that had been orphaned. Lana drove to Lagrange, IN, where Linda, the property owner, said she watches the owls and keeps track of them. This baby Barred Owl had been on the ground for two days and had not moved more than two feet. Linda had not seen an adult owl for at least two days. When volunteer Louie approached the baby he was met with beak snapping, and it appeared aware of its surroundings. Louie thought the keel was average; Lana thought it was narrow. They collected the owl and transported it to our I.C.U., where it was examined by Diana and Nancy, but no injuries were found, but the eyes appeared cloudy blueish. After the bird was weighed he accepted two mice, cut into small portions. On 05/06/2020, the little owlet moved to Barb's home, where it had the company of one of our adult barred owls. Then, a month later, he and his adult role model went to our rehabilitation facility, where he got a new friend: another baby Barred Owl! Before releasing him, he had to mature, and we had to be sure he could hunt and fly. On August 26, 2020, he was released back to the wild.

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