American Kestrel Rescue #06192018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher:

I received a call this afternoon from our rescue coordinator indicating that the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control had picked up a falcon. When I arrived they indeed had a falcon, the littlest one, a male American kestrel. It was alert but quiet and I had no problem in removing it from their cage and placing it into my rescue box. A concerned citizen had brought the youngster to the officer’s home and left it with them. Communication was difficult; however, as they were a non English speaking individual so we don’t exactly know where the bird came from. I headed up north to the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Funnell was soon assessing this little one. The wings, legs and talons all appeared normal. However, when looking at its eyes she could tell it was dehydrated and after feeling the keel also realized that it was emaciated as well. It is a fledgling but still too young to be on its own. He quickly became lethargic and was immediately given subcutaneous fluids and placed back into my rescue box. I quickly transported him to our ICU facility where he will be given more fluids later this evening. Dehydration can be a critical issue so we are hoping that we got him in time and are able to get him back to a healthy status.

Intake Number : #06192018AMKE