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20240612-Red-Tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne, IN
Cause of Admission
Bird in the buildling
7/6/2024 - Recovery journey processing well and is in the ICU rehab pen.
This very frightened Red Tail Hawk was inside the Ward Aluminum building just off of West Main St. in Ft Wayne.  He was trapped in the "cage" often found on the outside of older buildings with windows that open out.  As the window was very carefully opened, I was able to grab the hawk's legs then guide him inside.  Thank you, Nina A., and associates for your help leading me thru your factory maze and opening gates and windows for me.
I relocated the bird to Sweeney Park where I did a quick exam of the hawk for injuries then released him well away from the highway.  Confused but free bird!
Rescue Team -- Ross