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20240608-Red Shouldered Hawk-1-x

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Rome City, IN
Cause of Admission
Fledgling on the ground

6/11/2024 - After many days of attempts to strengthen the bird, its health began to decline, unfortunately, it succumbed to injuries.

6/8/2024 - Rescues like this one make the job easy!  The call to the rescue phone of a baby hawk from a Noble County Conservation Officer.  I returned officer Mast's call and he gladly met me in Laotto only 10 minutes from the Soarin Hawk facility.  

Thank you, Officer Mast, for caring about this young raptor.

Special Note:  the bird was originally identified as a Red-Tailed, but later re-identified as a Red Shouldered Hawk 

--Rescue Team Ross