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20240608-Bald Eagle-1-X

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Lagro, IN
Cause of Admission
Found upside down in tree

6/13/2024 - Bald Eagle succumbed to injuries and humanely euthanized and logged with the federal government protocols. 

6/8/2024 - This Bald Eagle had been reported a week earlier by a conservation officer from Huntington County.  Two volunteers responded but were unable to catch the bird as it could fly a few hundred yards at a time.  We felt he had a kill somewhere that he didn't want to leave.

Kayakers on the Salamonie River reported an eagle hanging upside down in a tree within a mile of last week's eagle sighting.  These grand people extended their float trip an hour waiting for me to arrive.  

Meantime, thdy pulled some vines from the tree and the Eagle came out of the tree but remained on the ground nearby.  I went after the bird but lost control after a fall onto the river bank.  Joe, one of the kayakers, was in hot pursuit down the river bank and successfuly capturing the before it escaped into the river (yes, Eagles can swim).

Back at Soarin' Hawk, the Eagle was x-rayed and both wings had been fractured.  One was an old, healed injury and the other wing was a fresh fracture.  This bird had been banded and a trace on the band number indicated banding date of January 29, 2012 near Peru, In.  

This Bald Eagle will be held for further examination by Eagle rehabbers in the Midwest. 

Rescue Team - Ross.