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20240601-Great Horned Owl-1-x

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Marion, IN
Cause of Admission
Can not fly

6/11/2024 update - Owl succumbed to its injuries and was humanely euthanized.

On 6/1, Soarin’Hawk received a call from a couple in Marion, In., who found a Great Horned owl on the ground. They approached it and the owl would not fly, but would hop. They were able to contain it and drive it to Markle, where we picked it up and transferred it to ICU.

When he was examined, the only apparent injuries were an abrasion on its leg, where the caller’s dog grabbed it, and an injury on its cere. His keel was good, so he had been eating well. He seemed a little dehydrated, so he was given fluids. He will continue to be monitored.

Rescue Team - Pam