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20240511-Red-tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Warsaw, IN
Cause of Admission

6/15/2024 -- Bird nursed back to good health and released on 6/15/2024. 

5/11/2024 - This injured hawk report came from Warsaw late Saturday morning.  In the photo this guy looked to be in bad shape so within about an hour I was able to have him in hand.  He didn't look so bad once I got him from under a tote and tried to control both feet and both wings, he was just frightened.

Fifty minutes later he was in our ICU getting an x-ray that confirmed no broken bones.  He had an injury to his beak, but it was minor and treated by folding the damaged area back into place and sealing with fingernail polish.  I know, sounds weird but it works!  Bruising to one shoulder will be monitored but a full recovery is expected.