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20240424-Barred Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Silver Lake IN
Cause of Admission
Fledging Found

**RELEASED** 7/7/2024 - Bird was released. 

7/6/2024 - Recovery journey going well, in the ICU rehab pens.

4/24/2024 00 Dispatch received a call from Silver Lake, IN about an abandoned owl that was confined in a dog kennel.  This location is about an hour away from home base but it was a lovely day for a tour of the countryside.

On arrival this cute little fellow, a fledgling Barred Owl, was not pleased about its first flying attempt ending in a pen!  He couldn't fly well enough to get out and he was missing his regular feedings by parents.  There appeared to be a possible problem with one wing so he was brought back to Soarin' Hawk and examined by ICU staff who found nothing out of the ordinary.

He was offered a hearty meal of mice (3+) and held in ICU until additional personnel could introduce him to his surrogate mother, one of our education birds.  She has an extraordinary record of raising orphaned children.  He will grow a few more feathers, learn to fly in a predator free environment and be released near his original home.