2019 Soarin' Hawk Calendar


Soarin' Hawk 2019 calendar have arrived !!!

[ Note - the images on the website have a 2nd logo in the lower left that is NOT on the calendar.]

Raptors of North America

Can I make a difference?

That was the question I asked myself when I decided to volunteer my time with Soarin’ Hawk.  The majority of the time I spend working with Soarin’ Hawk is devoted to capturing photographs of the organization’s stunning and beautiful Program and Rehab birds.  The photographs that make up this calendar are some of the fruits of my labor.  This is the third year that I have been asked to contribute my work to the Soarin’ Hawk calendar.  In 2017, we chose to showcase our own Program Birds.  In 2018, we featured the many injured and rehabilitated raptors that the organization worked with throughout the previous year.  And this year, 2019, I decided to take you along with me on a journey through the Southwest, to see and to learn about raptors that have historically not been commonly seen in Indiana.  The cover page of this year’s calendar features the Bald Eagle.  The Bald Eagle is on a remarkable road of recovery, as not too long ago, it was rare for us to ever see one, and even more rare for organizations like Soarin’ Hawk to have the opportunity to rehabilitate and release these amazing birds back into our environment.  In the past five years, Soarin' Hawk has been privileged enough to assist in the rehabilitation of 12 Bald Eagles, 6 of which recovered enough to either be released back into the wild or be permanently placed with educational facilities. They soar free today because of the countless hours and resources that Soarin’ Hawk’s volunteers and generous supporters have given to the organization.  By purchasing this calendar, you have made a difference too!         


Garry Harshbarger