01172016 Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl
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UPDATE: RELEASED !!! Check out the story on 21Alive. http://www.21alive.com/news/local/Fort-Wayne-technician-finds-screech-owl-in-furnace-gets-him-to-safety--365777911.html

Rescue 1172016-ESOW

A furnace repair man was called out because there was no heat in the house. Luckily for the little screech owl that made its way into the furnace, the screech owl had blown out the pilot light on the furnace most likely by flapping its wings! On examination, the feathers on top of the screech's head were singed. In the photo note that the top of his head is grey. The feathers are red on the outer part and grey underneath. (This is a red phase Eastern Screech Owl. They do come in a grey phase also.) So luckily just part of the feathers were singed off and the scalp was fine!

He will be kept indoors in a small cage in a warm area and started on antibiotics. The respiratory system on such a little guy is hard to examine closely enough to determine if there is any kind of inhalation damage, so he will be on antibiotics for a week as a precaution. He then will be free flying in a large flight pen to make sure he is healthy enough to be released.

We want to get him back out as soon as possible so he be reunited with his or her mate!


6 Feb 2016

Released !!!


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