05232016 American Kestrel-2

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UPDATE: This kestrel came to us as an orphan and grew up at Soarin Hawk. She shared a pen with several other orphans for a couple of months. Once they got a bit older, they were then taken to our partner wildlife rehabber who has 40ft flight pens. This gave the youngsters the opportunity to stretch their wings and condition themselves for flight. Once we were certain that they could fly well, we brought them back one by one to our smaller flight pens. There they were placed in individual pens where we could feed them live prey and observe to make sure that they could capture and eat the live prey. Once they accomplished that task for two days in a row, they were then ready to release. It was not possible for this little female to be released back where she was found so she was released in Metea Park near Leo, IN.

05232016 AMKE 2
05232016-AMKE-01 AND -02.   SHRR received a call from Aaron Pogue at Brunswick Boats about a baby kestrel that was found in their building. I went to Brunswick Boats and met with a gentleman who had found the baby American Kestrel. As we walked around listening and looking for Mom and Dad we discovered a 2nd baby. I was able to just reach out and pick up baby #2. Both babies were yelling for Mom and Dad but we saw nothing. After approximately 30 minutes of listening and looking around I decided to transport the babies to Dr. Funnell. I took them to Pine Valley Vet's and met Dr. Pat there. Both babies looked a little thin. Baby 1's keel was a 4-5 and Baby #2's keel was a 3-4. Brunswick Boats has requested the babies be returned to the area if possible. They also ask for advance notice as some of the people might like to see the release!!

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