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UPDATE: 10 adults 6 children were present for this release Materials had been distributed prior when we did the rescue This was one of the best we have done. Most of these folks were related. We arrived and waited for other neighbors to arrive. The callers dad and grandmother, in a wheel chair were present. As you can see from the video, the bird came right back at us and went to a pine tree, then to a branch and then into the hole in the tree of the picture attached. It was perfect. Everyone loved it. We stayed around and discussed our organization and raptors in general. Super folks. We love our jobs. Suz Hansen - Bill Oberg Attached is a video of the release and a still of the tree it went to

Received a text about a bird down near a chimney in Monroeville. Caller stated it had been there not moving for a few hours. Suz and I drove over and picked it up from an extremely friendly gentleman. He indicated it just did not want to fly. We gave the caller our brochures and told him how to check out the status of this little ESOW on line. He knew all about us and was part of an organization supporting nature that was in the process of folding and they were looking for an organizaition or so to disperse there remaining funds to. He indicated we were high on that list. He also indicated that they had seen a nesting pair in their woods and would like to have the bird released back in their area.


We took the bird to ICU where Nicole triaged it. There were no apparent injuries and it was treated as a possible head trauma, I believe.


As always we want these guys to recuperate and return to the wild. Heres hoping for the best for you little guy.


Suz Hansen / Bill Oberg

12/14/2020 currently there are no obvious injuries. We continue to keep it quiet and under observation. We  are treating it for possible pain

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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