12092020-Eastern Screech Owl-3

Location of Rescue: 
Bristol, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Broken wing
UPDATE: Released: Saturday March 6, 2021 1:30 PM Bristol, IN Audience: 1 adult, 2 children (one of the children in attendance was the one who found R Red) Released by: Christopher Schley Screech Owl took a second to leave the box (likely due to the hour car ride), but flew straight out into a tree line, navigating beautifully around a fallen tree branch.

Got a call from Lynne yesterday 12/9/20 about a screech owl in Bristol IN stopped in and the lady had in the house in a cage. I found out later when she called in she said she had it a couple days. It was very lethargic easy to handle. Saw left wing spread out but not right one. The lady confirmed it did that with her also. I took to icu .

12/10/2020 This owl has a broken humerus. It has not been determined yet if this injury will be able to be pinned. In the meantime , it is being treated for pain

12/16/2020 It has been decided to try splinting the broken humerus. We will monitor for correct healing

12/26/2020 Physical therapy has begun on this owl's wing

01/10/2021 We are continuing treatment for this owl.

01/21/2021 This owl continues improving

02/05/2021 This owl continues improving

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