Screech [11212018]

Location of Rescue: 
Fort Wayne, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Wing fracture
UPDATE: 06/06/2019 Soaring Hawk is very excited to announce that we have received federal permission to keep this Owl as one of our education birds

Via volunteer Mary:

I received a call from Lynnanne asking if I could meet her in the southwest part of Fort Wayne for a transfer.  We met up and she handed over a very quiet eastern screech owl that didn’t have a very good day.  It seems that Duke Energy had contracted with a tree company to take down a few trees around some power lines.  Here this little owl was just sleeping in his cavity when all of a sudden…THUD.   He fell 25 ft. down to the ground!  Thankfully the tree service found him and contacted the DNR who in turn contacted Lynnanne.  I got him to our treatment and recovery unit as quick as I could.  Upon examination he was found to have a fractured left wing at the metacarpals.  The area was cleaned with chlorohexidine and saline.  He was given Meloxicam and Baytril.  We bandaged the wound and then secured it with a body wrap.  We attempted surgery on November 26th but the bones are so small that a pin could not be placed.  We did, however, place a splint on the wing and secured it with a body wrap.  He will be non releasable and we are hoping to train him to the glove so that he may be placed somewhere as an education bird.


This little guy is still in our treatment facility and recovering well.


This bird was moved to our rehabilitation pens so he could have an opportunity to fly and strengthen his injured wing.  Depending on how well he flies, it will be decided if he can either be released or placed with another facility.


This screech owl did not do well at our rehabilitation facility.  It was determined that the damage to his wing has left him unable to fly.  He has gone to one of our volunteer's homes to be worked with so he is more comfortable getting on the glove and being handled.  He will eventually be placed at another facility.

1/11/19 -  This little owl is not releasable. He has begun working with a trainer until a placement can be found for him.

02/08/19 This owl was discovered to have an infection in the area just above it's cere. He was brought back to our treatment facility. He will be treated with an antibiotic and medication for pain. A topical treatment with honey( a natural antiseptic) was also started

03/03/19 - Good news! This little owl’s beak has healed, and so he has gone back with his trainer, who will continue to work with him in preparation for placing him as an education bird with another facility.

03/07/2019 This owl has again opened up the scab on its cere. We have it back at the treatment facility . We are trying a different antibiotic with him.

03/29/19 This owl is still receiving treatment with an antibiotic. His cere is healing well

04/08/19 This guy is going back to our volunteers home . His cere is healing well. He can start back with his training

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