10152019-Eastern Screech Owl-01

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UPDATE: 03/05/2020 This owl has moved to its permanent home at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SC

I received a group text message from Lynne on my way home from Costco, about a Screech Owl that needed to be picked up from the Roanoke Police Department.  It was 10 minutes from my house so I said sure.  Went in and met with officer Jim.  He indicated that they thought it had been hit by a car.  


Proceeded to take it to Pine Valley, where Dr. Pat gave it a quick look.  She mentioned about its eye possibly being damaged.


As always, prayers for its well being and a quick recovery.


Bill Oberg

10/15/19 The evaluation by the veterinarian team discovered an injury to its left eye. Treatment began with anti-inflammatory treatment for the eye and medication for pain

10/22/2019 Eye treatment continues for this little owl. It is eating on its own and growing stronger in our treatment facility

10/29/19 Our veterinarian team has determined there has been no improvement is this owl's eye injury. Medication has been discontinued and the bird is considered non releasable

11/3/19 Our placement coordinator believes she has found a facility for this screech owl and the other screech owl that is non releasable

12/15/19 The status for this bird remains unchanged

1/5/2020 The status of this bird has not changed

02/02/2020 The status of this bird is unchanged

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