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Location of Rescue: 
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Cause of Admission: 
Possible car strike
UPDATE: 10/12/19Dr Funnell saw the owl this morning and the correct diagnosis was a fractured humerus not the coracoid bone. She was unable to perform surgery, however, as the owl also had internal injuries which made putting it under anesthesia risky. The wing was wrapped and it was taken back to the treatment and recovery unit to rest until it was strong enough for surgery. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, when the evening treatment and recovery staff arrived they found that this beautiful owl had died.


I received a text message early this morning asking if I could meet a fellow rehabber who was coming in from Peru, IN with an owl. I had the time so I left home and after making contact with Linda, it was decided that we would meet in Roanoke, IN. We met and transferred a very lethargic Great Horned Owl to my rescue box. Linda stated that the Peru police department was contacted by a concerned citizen who spotted the owl in the middle of the road near the intersection of US31 and US24 close to Peru. The police were able to get the owl to the median and they protected it with squad cars until Linda arrived. Barb met me at the treatment and recovery unit to do the triage. Our initial assessment found the owl to have a fracture of the coracoid bone on the left side of the body which appears to be affecting the left wing and the right eye appears cloudy, both the result of a probable car strike. He was treated with several medications, the wing was wrapped to the body and he was placed on a towel roll to help hold him upright. He will be taken to Dr Funnell to do radiographs and confirm the diagnosis. Hopefully she will be able to repair the issues so that we can return this beautiful owl back to the wild.





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