10052016 Red-tailed Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
landed inside delivery truck
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: Oct 17 Dr. Funnell did perform radiographs and they came back as normal, no broken bones. We then brought him back to our facility and he was placed in a pen by himself where he was fed and allowed to rest for a week. After the rest, it was time to creance fly him which conditions his muscles for his eventual release. He flew very well and the release date was scheduled. We went to the area where the animal control officer picked him up and found that it really wasn’t a very suitable site in which to return him. Since he is a two year old, we really needed to release him in an area close to where he was found. We decided to take him over to Eagle Marsh, which was approximately ¼ of a mile from where he was found, for his release.

I received a call from the rescue coordinator that the FWACC had picked up an "unidentified" raptor. I drove to their facility but they had not yet brought the bird in. I offered to meet the FWACC officer somewhere to expedite getting the bird to Dr. Funnell so we met downtown. The bird is an approximately 2 year old Red tail hawk. The officer informed me that they received a call from a work crew for Momper Insulation. They were unloading the insulation from their truck when they discovered the red tail. We can only assume, since the truck is tall when loaded with insulation bales, that the bird ran into the truck and somehow landed inside the bed!

Upon presentation to Dr. Funnell, It was a little lethargic. The eyes, head, wings and feet all appeared ok. The keel was a little thin. Blood was observed on the beak. None was found in the mouth we placed the bird in a cage and she will perform radiographs later today.


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