10042016 Red tailed Hawk - 1

Admission Date: 
UPDATE: Released on 1.30.17 by Louie Lee at the Butler Police Department. On October 4th Lisa informed me there was a hawk in the 400 block of West main Street, Butler, Indiana. The was reported as sitting on a guardrail and not able to fly. I was not able to locate the bird, or a guardrail, and called the Butler Police, they had been called first. It was determined the police officer had not observed the bird and he had as much information as I had. I checked the area again without success. As I was leaving, the Butler police received another call locating the bird in a back yard at 417 West Main. Upon my arrival the bird was contained under a cardboard box. There were no obvious injuries, the hawk was emaciated and lethargic. Slow to react. A call was placed to Dr. Funnell. The bird was given subcutaneous fluids and fed a liquid diet the next day.

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