09222016 Bald Eagle

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UPDATE: We had a very successful release of the bald eagle on 12/31/2016 at the Howard County Veterans Campground. We were joined by about 60-70 members of the public on a very cold and windy day. When it came time for the eagle to fly, he did so beautifully and flew right over the heads of those that came to witness the release. He then continued to fly towards a group of trees, enjoying the wind and the freedom of soaring in the sky. It was a wonderful sight to behold. for more pics check out on facebook.com/soarinhawk

Late tonight we received an immature Bald Eagle, estimated to be 4 years old.  (He still has a little black on his beak and a small amount of black feathers in his mostly white head.) It is probably a male due to its small overall size and its small feet. (Female eagles are larger than males and the females typically have huge feet.)

He was alert, but very subdued.  He had a puncture wound on his left side at the base of his tail.  He had fresh blood in his mouth.  There were no fractures palpated.  He did not have any feeling or movement in his right leg.  His left leg had some response to pain but little movement.  He was tested for parasites, given an antibiotic and an pain reliever/anti inflammatory.  He will have radiographs taken in the morning.


He finally began standing but severely favoring his leg.  


He was moved to a flight pen since he was consistently standing on his leg, although still not walking normally.

11-27-2016: He is doing great in his small flight pen: moving around with hardly a detectable limp, flying well in his limited space.  Creance flying to get him in top condition for release has begun!      (Garry Harshberger has some great shots of it)

12-4-2016: When he was caught for creance flying today, it was noted that he had a swoolen, cracked area on the bottom of one foot- the early stages of bumblefoot.  Daily treatment began: foot wrapped with honey, antibiotic and a pain releaver/anti-inflammatory.  His hoped for release date has been extended to the end of the year

12-18-2016: We creance fly in all kinds of weather!  Today it was very cold, but the worst was the 6 inches of snow with the icy crust on the top.  Landing on the icy snow were precarious and he scraped up his wrists, so we were not able to creance fly him as many times as we would hav liked to have done.  We will put protective bumper pads on his wrists before he is flown next time.

12-20-1026: His foot is looking good, but daily treatment will continue until his release.  He is not enjoying being caught every day for his medicine!  But he will soon be able to fly free back where we found him!


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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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