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UPDATE: 11/3/19 The difficult decision was made to euthanize this owl. It was never able to find food on its own. Therefore it is non releasable and organizations that would be eligible to take this bird are not able to handle a bird that needs to be hand fed.

I received a call at 9:30 on Saturday night September 7th  From a teenage boy who said he had found an owl that was injured and had snuck it up to his Room. He said he thought it had been hit by a car. A little while later I received a call from his mother about the same owl.  After confirming that this was the same ol, I repeated the instructions that I had given to the boy,  That is to keep the bird warm put it in a Box with towels on on the bottom so he had something to grip , No food or water and cover the Box and leave him alone. Then call in the morning To let me know if he survived.  The next morning they called and said that he was still alive, so I went and picked him up and took him to ICU.

09/10/19 This Owl has damage to its left  eye and possible wing injury. It is being treated for dehydration and pain. Its eye is also being treated with an antibiotic

09/15/19 This young owl is still struggling to eat on its own so it is being hand fed. It's eye injury is being treated . It also has a fracture in it left shoulder area, so it is receiving medication for pain and has its wing wrapped to limit movement so the break can heal

09/21/19 This young owl is continuing its treatment

09/29/19 The main concern we have for this Owl is that it is not eating on its own. The hope is if/when its vision improves it will then be able to find food on its own

10/05/19 This Owl has been moved to a pen at our rehabilitation facility . This will enable us to determine if it can find food on its own

10/11/19 This owl was moved back to our treatment facility. Unfortunately it has not eaten on its own. It was felt it needed closer observation to determine if there was any vision for this guy.

10/21/2019 This Owl is still not finding food on its own

10/27/19 There remains no change in this Owl's condition

How You Can Help

It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.