08271016 Red-tailed Hawk

Admission Date: 
UPDATE: Success - this bird was released back into the wild on Oct 23, 2016. This juvenile red tail hawk was found on the ground by concerned residents. He was observed being down on the ground under a tree for several hours. As they approached it, it hopped and hid under a bush. When we arrived and retrieved the bird, our initial observations were that it appeared alert, the vision, keel, wings and talons all looked fine. It was given water and Gatorade and taken back to our facility for further evaluation. We determined that this young bird was fine and returned it to our larger flight pens where it stayed with other red tails. We are hoping that by being with other red tails, this young one will become more skilled at eating, hunting etc. This juvenile is now at a good weight and we have begun to creance fly him to condition the muscles for his eventual release All milestones have been met and this little one was released back to the wild on October 23, 2016

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