08262016 red-tailed hawk

Admission Date: 
UPDATE: 7 November 2016 RTH-08262016 I was able to release a red tail hawk from the hackbox Boy Scouts built on my property this Spring for Soarin Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation. The purpose of a hack box is to have limited contact with juvenile raptors while they grow into adults. We receive a lot of juveniles when they are blown out if nests. This Red Tailed Hawk had broken Metacarpals in its wing. It is now released with pine and hard wood forests, farm fields, wetlands, and ponds to call it's home.

Thanks to Kendalville Animal Clinic for taking in this injured Red Tail Hawk!  They even took X-rays for us and discovered fractured metacarpals in the right wing.  The bones will probably heal well enough for release, but the skin over the fracture is very damaged and may not heal.  If the skin does not heal over the bones, then he will probably need to be euthanized.  We will give him plenty of time to see if it will heal.


He seems to finally be keeping his wrap on his wing. But unfortunately it has been discovered that he has no movement in his tail. This injury probably was present when he arrived, but it was missed. Their tail acts as a rudder when they fly, so it is essential his tail return to normal function to be releasable. He is still resting in an ICU cage.



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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.