08162016 Redtailed Hawk "Monty"

Location of Rescue: 
New Haven
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
severely injured and infected wing, likely due to shotgun blast
UPDATE: September 19, Monty the Red-Tailed Hawk flapped off into his second-chance life Monday morning as about 80 delighted children at Peace Montessori School outside New Haven cheered on their unofficial mascot. ... rest of the story @ https://www.soarinhawk.org/content/montys-story


The director of Peace Montessori School in New Haven captured an injured Red Tail Hawk and brought it to Pine Valley Veterinary Clinc for evaluation by our veterinarian, Dr. Pat Funnell.  The initial exam revealed a drooping right wing with severe bruising on the wrist.  (In the photograph the left area of dark skin is the bruising with normal, light colored skin to the right.) 

See photo

Radiographs revealed two metal densities, presumably pellets from a gun, in the wing and in the body.  There is a small fracture in the wrist.

Gunshot wounds are reportable to the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service for possible prosecution.  

See xrays ...

This bird is a fighter!  He is eating well and is so active that we moved him out of his ICU cage earlier than expected.  He is in a flight pen and will start creance flying in 3 weeks

Resting in flight pen with 9 other Red Tail Hawks! Scheduled to begin creance flying this week, but may be delayed due to the large number we have to creance fly right now

... rest of the story ...


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