08042020-Red Tailed Hawk-1

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Huntington, IN
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Cause of Admission: 
UPDATE: Released on 12/29/2020 - just Suz and I in the graveyard Great release as you can see. We waited and found that he was in the territory of another pair of Redtails. They began chasing him for a while. We sat along side the road and watched until they chased him back across the road, then left him alone. Funny thing, he was released within one mile of where he was picked up and when the chase was done he ended up being within a quarter of a mile from the original pickup site. Caller could not be present, but was sent a copy of the release. Enjoy. Suz and Bill Video and stills of the release attached

Called out to a rural area with not address nearby.  Talked with the caller and we discussed where I was and he directed me to and thru Markle.  I said to him, ah, home of the Pickle and we both laughed and knew the restaurant.  He directed me from there down route 3 for many miles.  Parked on the embankment on the side of a busy road.  The bird had just been siting there for some 30 minutes.  I went over to pick it up and it must have had a flight or fight response, because it took off and flew into a bunch of bushes some 20 feet away.  I was able to go into the brush, on the edge of a steep embankment and grab the bird.  There were no apparent injuries other than some blood in the right eye.


The caller indicated that when he went by, two gentlemen were moving the bird from the side of the road to the area he found him in.  He wanted to make sure the bird was being taken care of and doubled back to check on it.  Thats when he saw it just sitting there and called us.  Nice guy.  Gave him our brochures and explained how to look up the status of the bird.


Got the bird back to ICU where Ellen triaged the bird.  We had to dust him several times due to the number of flat flies found.  Once he received treatment he was put in a cage and appeared to be much more alive and standing.  As always we pray these guys get back to mother nature.  Prayers for you little guy and all the best.


Bill Oberg

08/05/2020 This adult hawk has an injury to its eye and a partial break in its beak. It is being treated for infection and pain

08/16/2020 Treatment for its eye continues but it does seem to be improving

08/22/2020 This hawk has been moved to our rehabilitation facility

09/06/2020 This hawk has been moved to one of our flight pens. This will enable us to evaluate his ability to fly

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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