08042019 Red-tailed Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Etna Green, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Car strike
UPDATE: 10/15/2019 This bird's condition remains unchanged

Via volunteer Gary:

Sunday night I picked up a red-tailed hawk in Etna Green, Indiana.  It apparently was hit on left side by a car.  He limped and fluttered across a country road and was still there an hour later when local resident picked him up.  His talons locked on fairly strong.  I placed in box and delivered to ICU.  His left wing feathers were torn up and left eye half closed.

08/10/19 This Hawk is being treated for injuries to his left eye, wing and leg. He is receiving antibiotics and pain medication. His recovery is guarded

08/18/2019 This Hawk's eye injury is improving but it is still being treated with an antibioitic for the infection in its wing

08/25/19 This Hawk is most like going to be non releasable. He is finally eating well on his own but continues to receive an antibiotic for the wound on his wing

09/01/2019 This Hawk is continuing with antibiotic treatment. It has been decided that it is non releasable

09/15/19 This Hawk's wing injury has improved so much that antibiotic treatment is no longer needed. It is doing a better job of being handled on the glove.  A new home will be  eventually found for this Hawk

09/21/19 This Hawk's status remains unchanged

09/29/19 This Hawk remains in our treatment facility under observation. It is eating well

10/05/19 This Hawk has been moved to our rehabilitation facility

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