07312016 Red-tailed Hawk

Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
hit by automobile
UPDATE: Success - this bird was released back into the wild on Oct 23 2016

07312016-RTHA-02 I got a call from the rescue coordinator regarding a red-tail hawk involved in a car strike. A gentleman accidentally struck him while driving. He pulled over, contained the bird, and called Soarin' Hawk for help. He gave the bird water and sat with him until I was able to arrive. He was dehydrated, lethargic, thin, and looked like he was in shock. I was able to check over him and did not find any swelling or possible breaks. Dr. Pat put him on an IV drip for the dehydration and he is being closely monitored.


Although he is doing well now, this guy got much worse before he got better.  He spent several days unable to stand and having breathing difficulties.  With intensive care (fluids, tube feeding, antibiotics, etc.) he slowly recovered.  He is now in a flight pen and will begin creance flying in a couple weeks.



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