07252016 Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk
Location of Rescue: 
New Haven
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Cause of Admission: 
UPDATE: The young coopers hawk was transferred to one of our partner rehabbers where he stayed for awhile. During that time he molted in his adult feathers and continued to gain strength and weight. He also had the added benefit of being able to exercise in a larger flight pen which helped to condition him for his eventual release. The next step was to bring him back to our facility where he was placed in an individual pen where he was given live prey. We observed that he was able to capture, kill and eat the live prey for two days in a row thus completing the steps necessary for his release. We headed to the Leo, IN area to release him and found a nice spot next to the Leo Elementary School. There happened to be a group of young girls outside of the school and we thought that they might like to witness the release. After speaking with their teacher / coach we found out that they were a running group called “Girls on the Run” and they were very excited to see this release.

07252016 COHA

Called to New Haven to rescue a hawk that was "sitting down" on a back porch in a fenced in area that usually had dogs in it, but they were kept inside until rescue was complete.

Identified hawk as a cooper's hawk.  The hawk still had a lot of down feathers on head and body.  It also has new blood feathers growing on both sides of wings where the flight feathers are still developing.  Estimated age of hawk is about 6 weeks old.  Hawk seemed weak, lethargic, keel a 2-3, and no other injuries present.  Gave a total of 30 ml of gateraide which seemed to give the little hawk more energy!  Called Dr. Pat Funnel and dropped off the baby cooper's hawk to Pat for further assessment and care.

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