07242017 Red-tailed Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Huntington, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Laceration on wrist, abrasions on foot
UPDATE: The beautiful red tail hawk has fully recovered and was returned to the wild on August 20, 2017.

Initial exam by our avian veterinarian:  This red tail hawk is just beginning to get its red tail.  It was alert but quiet when it was presented.  A 1/4" laceration was found on its left wrist and small abrasions on the right foot.  No fractures were palpated.  It will have radiographs done tomorrow.  Since it was found by the side of the road, we hope the bird was just rolled and stunned by the airstream of the vehicle.  It will be monitored closely for any other problems.

Today, this bird flew amazingly well for the creance crew.  She took the entire line every time, took off from the ground several times, and even gained altitude for the last few attempts of the creance session.  She is on track to be released within the month.

How You Can Help

It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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