07212019 Red-tailed Hawk - 1-X

Location of Rescue: 
Leesburg, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Dehydration, emaciation
UPDATE: 10/19/2019 Much to everyone's surprise this Hawk was found dead

Via volunteers Bill and Sue:

Got a call from Lynn around 10:30 am.  A red-tail was down near Leesburg, IN.  When we arrived, the property owner was not home but had given us permission to be on the property.  They had confined the bird to a cardboard shipping barrel with a barbeque grill grate strapped to the top.  We had to dump him out to get him in the transport box.  Not a happy bird!  At the ICU, Diana Ward determined him/her to be an adult red-tail that was severely dehydrated (keel 1) with no outwardly visible injuries, although the right wing didn’t look as healthy as the left.  Bill got to participate in his first assessment!

07/27/2019 Xrays were taken and were normal. The cause of his wing droop is unknown at this time. He is being treated with pain medication and has started eating whole food. He was initially considered dehydrated and emaciated. He was given oral feedings and subcutaneous fluids for 3 days and then began receiving solid food

08/03/19 This Hawk is eating very well but the cause of its wing droop is still unknow. Our veterinarian decided to wrap its wing to give it some support and hopefully allow it to heal

08/10/19 This Hawk is still in our treatment facility receiving medication for pain. It was discovered to have a intestinal parasite infection and treatment was started for that

08/18/2019 This Hawk is still in our treatment facility. His wing droop is still pretty pronounced, so we are just observing him at the moment

08/25/19 This Hawk continues to be in our treatment facility

09/01/2019 The decision was made to again wrap this Hawk's wing to see if it will help it's wing droop

09/09/19 This Hawk has had no change in its status

09/15/19 This Hawk's wing droop is perplexing. It seems to improve so the wing wrap is removed . Then the wing droop appears again and it is wrapped again. It will remain in our treatment facility under observation. It is getting stronger and eating well

09/28/19 The decision was made by our veterinary team to keep this Hawk's wing wrap on for 3 more weeks . It will then be reevaluatedwk continues observation in our treatment facility

09/21/19 This Hawk's condition is unchanged

10/06/19 This Hawk continues its care in our treatment facility. There has been no significant change

10/13/19 This Hawk continues its care in our treatment facility. There has been no significant change


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