07152019 Cooper's Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Fort Wayne, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Potential car strike
UPDATE: 08/29/2019 This high energy Coopers Hawk managed to find a way to escape from the falconer's mew

Via volunteer Mary:

We received a call from a concerned citizen on Sunday regarding an injured Cooper’s hawk. He said its feathers were all ruffled up and its wing looked funny and it was hopping around in the street, so perhaps it was grazed by a vehicle. Turns out that a member of his family works at the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control and his neighbor is a vet.  It was determined by them that FWACC should pick up the bird. FWACC arrived on the scene and determined that there was no apparent injury and that this appeared to be a juvenile that perhaps is just learning to fly.  A parent was nearby so they got the juvenile to a safe place and left. A while later, the citizen again contacted FWACC and had them come back out as now it appears to be missing tail feathers and not moving very much so it could have had a possible encounter with another vehicle.  They picked up the hawk and we will get it from them on Monday morning.

I arrived to find a very quiet juvenile Cooper’s hawk. If you know Coopers’, this can be worrisome.  was able to easily do a body grab to get it out of the carrier. My brief field assessment showed that both wings, both feet / talons and both eyes appeared to be normal.  The keel was good so he had been eating well. noted a flat fly and the tail appears to have all of its feathers but it is holding it at an odd angle.  placed him in my rescue box and headed to Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic to turn him over to Dr. Funnell. She was getting ready to do surgery on one of her clients so I filled her in on my observations and she will check the hawk out later today.

07/20/19 This Hawk was determined to have a fractured pelvis and dislocated shoulder. He is recovering very well and getting quite feisty at our treatment facility

07/27/2019 This Hawk is still in our treatment facility. He is healing nicely and getting his "attitude" back

08/04/19 This Hawk is recovering well. His dislocated shoulder is still wrapped for his protection. He is eating well and seems to be healing from his fractured pelvis

08/10/19 This Hawk wing wrap was removed with the intention of starting physical therapy. He reacted as if in pain so pain medication was restarted. The wing wrap was left off so his wing can be observed for wing droop

08/18/2019 This Cooper's Hawk was moved to one of our falconer's mew. This bird had lost a lot of its feathers so it needs a place with more space as his feathers eventually come back in. It is healthy now Coopers Hawks are notoriously high strung and a small cage is very stressful for them

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