07082020-Red Tail Hawk - 1

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Broken wing
UPDATE: 08/26/2020 This bird was successfully released in Stratton Park in Decatur, IN today

Went to Berne at 6:30 am today to pick up a Redtail from Adams county Sheriffs office.  I met Sheriff Dan, who ushered me into a backroom where they had the hawk in a cat carrier.  Seems someone had found it and called them to pick it up.  Once I could hold it out to look, it appeared to have a bad right wing.


I immediately took it back to ICU, where Gigi was going to triage it later.


As always we hope and pray these guys get healthy and back to nature.  We are praying for you litle guy.


Bill Oberg

07/09/2020 Today's xray showed a fracture in this Hawk's right radius. It will continue being treated for pain and an antibiotic for an injury. It's wing is to wrapped stabilize the fracture

07/19/2020 This hawk continues treatment and is improving

08/03/2020 We are having this bird x-rayed again this week to determine if its fracture is healed enough to allow us to remove the wing wrap and start physical therapy

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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