07022016 Great Horned Owl

Location of Rescue: 
Ligonier, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
eye inury, talon injury
UPDATE: 24 September 20164 This evening I was able to release 07022016-GHO back to his home in Ligonier Indiana. The family that called in the rescue to us enjoyed seeing the release; and helped video tape it. They were telling me that last night they were able to see another GHO on their barn. Maybe it was it's Mate! It was very nice to do the rescue and the release of this beautiful Great Horned Owl☺

This morning I got a call from Jennifer Lanning for a rescue up in Ligonier Indiana. I proceeded up to an Amish Farmhouse where they had found a Great Horned owl outside their Barn. It was in good shape, other than having an eye injury in it's right eye and missing the sheath of one talon on his left foot. I then drove it into Fort Wayne where I transferred it to Mary Kohler ,who then took it to Dr Pat at Pine Valley Vet. I have attached some pictures of it. Intake number is 07022016-GHO-01.

24 July 2016
The great horned owl is eating well. I have continued stretching his left wing. Seems to be building strength.  He is very fiesty. I am treating him for little pin sized black bugs with poultry bug powder.


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