07012016 Red-shouldered Hawk

Location of Rescue: 
Auburn, IN
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: He is doing very well and is anxious to be released. Soon it will be his turn to try and catch live prey and to be creance flown into top flying condition so he has a great chance of success on his own.
 On July 1st Lana & I were sent to Center Street In Auburn, IN, for a "large brown bird" on the ground and appeared injured. Upon our arrival we found the caller and her husband watching a hawk in their back yard. Lana and the caller saw another hawk fly away, that was very near the first. Upon my approach the hawk jumped and ran, but refused or was not capable of flying. The hawk was netted and examined. We could not find any obvious injuries, eyes, wings and feet all appeared normal. I would rate the keel at about a 3 to 4.
 The hawk was placed in a transport box and taken to Dr. Funnells home. Dr. Funnell also could not a reason for the bird to be on the ground.

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