06252019 Cooper's Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Huntertown, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Would not flee, juvenile
UPDATE: 07/12/19 This Coopers Hawk found a way to escape from its enclosure at the falconer's

Via volunteer Diana:

Mr. Stinson in Huntertown called us about a small hawk he had seen sitting on his fence for a few hours.  He was concerned because there are a number of dogs and coyotes in his neighborhood.

The bird watched me approach it and made no attempt to flee.  I easily picked him up.  It was a juvenile Cooper’s hawk.  My initial exam didn't find any obvious issues.  He appeared to have been fed recently.

I was heading to pick up the 4 juvenile Cooper’s hawks from Pine Valley Veterinary, so I wanted to get this guy checked out too.

Its x-rays were normal, as was his physical exam.  I took him to our treatment facility in order to feed him.  We decided to keep him for observation.

07/07/19 This young Hawk has been moved to one of our falconer's home. It is doing well except for its not  eating on its own. The falconer will be able to have it in a larger pen and work on training it to find its own food

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