06242016 Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk
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Illinois Road
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UPDATE: This bird was found on Illinois Rd. on June 24th. He had been on the ground for two days. When he was picked up by a Soarin' Hawk volunteer, he was very lethargic, his head was down, he would not take water, and his eyes were closed. He was also thin. His wings and feet appeared to be ok. When he was assessed by Dr. Funnell, she could not find anything wrong with him. We kept him at the pens until today, feeding him and creance flying him and determined that he was healthy and flying well enough to release him today.

Received a call tonight from the rescue coordinator about a red tail hawk down on the ground on Illinois Road. Met the caller and found the juvenile hawk. Apparently it had been on the ground since yesterday and unfortunately had no shade whatsoever. The bird was very lethargic and could not hold its head up...very weak. I examined the wings and feet and all appeared fine. The keel was thin.  Eyes were closed during the entire examination. I attempted to give water but it didn't seem to want any. Filled out the paperwork and transported the bird to the rehab facility. I checked on it again and this time it took water and even made a couple of RTH cries and its eyes were more alert. But when I placed it back in the box it still couldn't hold its head up. I am hoping that it is just dehydrated and that it will make a full recovery but waiting on Dr. Funnell’s assessment.

The red tail hawk is finally standing this morning! Not really alert, but at least finally standing.

Upon presentation this Red Tail Hawk was extremely weak, so much in fact that he could not even hold his head up. He was dehydrated.  There was no obvious cause for his weakness.  He did not have any injuries that would seem like he was hit by a car.  He did not have the typical neurologic signs we see with West Nile Virus.  He was started on subcutaneous fluids twice a day.  On the second day he was still not lifting his head but did respond a little when given his fluids.  
By the third day he was standing for brief periods of time.  Unfortunately at this time he also appeared to have no vision.  He was started on tube feeding with Oxbow Carnivore Care.  
On his fourth day of intensive care, we started trying to hand fed him small bits of mice. Since he was not interested in eating the bits from a forceps, we began force feeding him.  He was feeling better and fighting us to do this.  
Today he is acting much more normal.  He is standing all the time.  He appears to have vision returning in his right eye.  He was left whole mice in his ICU cage today to see if he will eat on his own.


24 Aug
06242016-RTHA. He is doing very well in a flight pen.  We will begin Creance flying him this week.  Hopefully he will be released soon!



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