06192017 American Kestrel - 2

Admission Date: 
UPDATE: After having the summer and early fall to grow up and mature, this orphaned American kestrel was finally ready for release! We gave him a chance to build up his flight muscles in a 40' long flight pen. Then he was given live prey to catch to increase his chance of survival in the wild. We wish him luck as we release him back into the wild!

I received a call from the rescue coordinator stating that the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control had picked up some sort of hawk.  When I arrived I found a little female American Kestrel.  It appeared to be a first year baby and still had a few downy feathers on her head.  She was found in the middle of Lincoln Highway, US930 West, in New Haven, IN.  The person that found her contained the bird and met the animal care officer at a nearby Wendy’s.  I placed the baby in a transport box and headed to Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Funnell will complete her examination.  My field examination showed no obvious injuries to the eyes or wings and she seemed very alert.  The only thing I could find was a small spot on her right leg that looked like it had a scrape to it as there was a little blood.

This is a healthy immature orphaned American Kestrel.  It is currently in a big flight pen with 12 other orphaned kestrels!  It is flying well.  Later we will make sure it catches live prey before being released.


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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.