06112017 American Kestrel

Location of Rescue: 
National Guard
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: 08/17/2017 This little guy is all grown up! He was released July 30. He was catching live prey well before he was released. We wish him well!

I got a call from Bob on Sunday morning to pick up a young American kestral from Joshua Davis  of the122 Fighter Wing. They found a kestrel on the floor in the corner if an airplane hanger. It had probably come in through an opening for cables. They used a broom to push her into a box and called Soarin Hawk.  I met him by the big stationary planes in front of the facility and brought her to Barb, who checked her out. She seemed healthy, but scared and a little thin. She still had some down feathers on her. 

This is a healthy immature orphaned American Kestrel.  It is currently in a big flight pen with 12 other orphaned kestrels!  It is flying well.  Later we will make sure it catches live prey before being released.


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