06102016 Coopers Hawk

Cooper's Hawk
Location of Rescue: 
Antwerp, Ohio
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
unable to return him/her to the nest
UPDATE: 24 July The cooper hawk dubbed Homer has completed his journey at Soarin Hawk and was successfully released back where he was hatched in Antwerp OH. Homer was a baby when he came to us and his release was made possible by the tireless work of our trained falconer who fed and carefully raised him with as little human contact as possible. In addition, our offsite rehabber provided the large flight pen where he could exercise his wings once he was ready. We couldn’t do all that we do at Soarin Hawk without these amazing partnerships and we thank them for helping yet another hawk fly free.

Intake # 06102016-COHA-01

Received a message from a friend on facebook that she had a baby hawk down on her property.  I drove to her property to do the assessment and found that it was a young coopers hawk that apparently fell out of the nest right above where it was found.  Wings, feet and talons all checked out ok and the bird is starting to get in some feathers.  Since it was not possible to place it back in the nest it was decided that we would take the bird and place it with one of our trained falconers as little ones this size need to be cared for / fed approximately every 2 hours.  He will stay with him until he is tearing up food on his own at which time he will be brought back to our bigger flight pens.  The homeowners also gave us a generous donation to help take care of their bird which they have named “Homer”.

Comment from our falconer:  Homer the Coopers hawk weighed in at 228g. Just a big fuzzball. The bird is doing real well. It did not want to eat at first, but it finally decided Quail is yummy.  By comparison, I'd say the bird is close to 2 weeks old.

From our falconer:   Latest picture of the baby cooper's rescued last week. The finders named him Homer. He's doing great and growing fast. His weight is 319g. up from 228g last week.  Soup can is for comparison.

24June 2016
Here are pictures from today of the Coopers dubbed Homer from Ohio.  His weight is 344g up from 319g last week and he's starting to look like a coopers.

2 July 2016
The cooper dubbed Homer, has been transferred from our falconer to one of our rehabbers where he will spend some time testing out his wings in their 40ft flight pens.  This will help to condition him for his future release.



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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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