06042017 Red-tailed Hawk

Location of Rescue: 
4500 block of Kekionga, Fort Wayne, IN
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: This bird was released in Steuben County, IN, on July 29, 2017.

June 12, 2017
06042017-RTHA-01 - He is still thin but putting on weight.

June 4, 2017
FWACC called Soarin Hawk regarding picking a hawk that they had brought.  One of the officer's informed me that the hawk was standing on top of a car in the 4500 of Kekionga.  A different officer tried to get him to come down off the car and fly away.  Unfortunately, the hawk did never.  So they took him to their facility until we were able to pick him up.

Upon inspection, I was not able to find any injuries.  He is a young juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. He is thin but alert and very feisty.  He will stay with Soarin Hawk until he puts on weight and re-evaluated.


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