06042017 Eastern Screech Owl

Location of Rescue: 
Bluffton, IN
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: 10/27/2017 - After having the summer and early fall to grow up and mature, this orphaned eastern screech owl was finally ready for release! We gave him a chance to build up his flight muscles in a 40' long flight pen. Then he was given live prey to catch to increase his chance of survival in the wild. We wish him luck as we release him back into the wild!

A concerned citizen in Bluffton, IN contacted the DNR regarding an owl who was walking down the street.  

The caller was concerned about other animals that could harm the owl.   Conservation Officer Harmon was called to do the rescue of the owl.  CO Harmon knew to look around for a nest since this was a baby screech owl.  He looked around for any large trees or other trees that would house a nest but was not able to locate any large trees/nests.  DNR contacted Soarin Hawk to meet to transfer the baby screech to us.  He the baby did not have any obvious injuries.  He was covered in a lot of down but his wings were almost complete.  He must have gotten a little over zealous and tried to fledge to early.  He will stay with Soarin Hawk until we know he is able to tear up whole prey and catch live prey. 

Moved to the pens on Friday since doing well.

This orphaned screech owl is doing great!  It shares a pen with a few more orphaned screeches.  They will all catch live prey before they are released late summer.



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