06042016 Peregrine Falcon

Location of Rescue: 
Fort Wayne
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
found in parking garage
UPDATE: 06062016 RELEASED back to her parents and sibling on top of the AEP building. Checkout the nest cam at AEP Falcon Cam 06042016-PEFA On physical exam, the immature banded Peregrine Falcon had no injuries. He was probably stretching his wings and tested the air a little too much. Tentatively he will be put back in his nest atop the AEP building in downtown Fort Wayne on Monday.
I received a call from the Rescue Coordinator regarding an adult Peregrine Falcon.
I called the gentleman, who found the bird, to find out a little more information. The gentleman works at the downtown YMCA so he is familiar with the Peregrine Falcon family residing relatively close by.  So he knew right away he was looking at a Peregrine Falcon! He informed me that it had a blue band and a silver band on the ankles.  He was found on the sidewalk on Washington Blvd and Barr St. He approached him and he struggled to fly up to a parking garage on Washington Blvd across from the Masonic Temple. 
I hung up from him and immediately called a fellow Soarin' Hawk volunteer to assist me and my husband locate the Peregrine Falcon inside a large parking garage.
Upon arrival, I was shown some pictures of the bird. It was plain as day that we were looking for one of the baby Peregrine Falcons.

We finally located him sitting on a concrete half wall with a fence in front of him.  My husband and I snuck up on him and my husband was able to get a hold of him. We tried to examine him but he was just to feisty so we got him contained to go see Dr. Pat.




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