06042016 Red-shouldered Hawk

Location of Rescue: 
LaOtto, Indiana
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
separate from parents
UPDATE: This red shoulders journey at Soarin Hawk came to an end today as he was released back into the woods where he was found in LaOtto, IN. It seemed rather ironic that we released him today in similar weather conditions as when he originally came to us. That of course wasn't the plan as we had hoped for a sunny day but Mother Nature had ideas of her own and it just poured when we got to the release site. He didn’t seem to mind the weather at all and happily flew off to one of the many hickory trees on the property. Godspeed little one!

Gentleman called saying he was out in the woods on his property and came across a hawk down on the ground.  He tried to contact several others folks before coming across our number.  He so graciously picked up and transported the bird to the Lima Road CVS where I met him.  We completed some paperwork at which time he handed me a very generous donation and said to "take care of my bird" He gave him the name Hickory as the woods on his property are comprised of many hickory trees.  He is anxious to have him released on his property once the bird is ready to come home.  I transported the bird to Dr Pat and upon examination we could find nothing wrong with the bird and since it is a juvenile we suspect it simply fell out of its nest.  It will remain with us until it is ready to be released back into the woods in LaOtto.

06042016-BWHA  This little immature Broad Wing Hawk was found wet and cold in LaOtto, Indiana.  No parents or nest were found.  He was just a little thin, so he probably had not been on the ground very long.  He is expected to be released late summer.

It is often difficult to determine the species of hawk when they are very young.  We at first thought this was a baby Broad Wing Hawk but as it has gotten older and especially once we heard its cries, we now know that it is a baby Red Shoulder Hawk.   It is currently in the big flight pen with our male and female educational Red Shoulder hawks so they are serving as surrogate parents.  The baby is doing very well.


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