06022019 American Kestrel - 2

Location of Rescue: 
Fort Wayne, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Separated from parents
UPDATE: 07/20/2019 This Kestrel is mature enough to be released

This little kestrel was found hopping around in Fort Wayne. Our rescue line was called.

Our rescue line asked the caller to look for a nest and/or its parents.  Unfortunately neither were found.

Our volunteers picked up this guy and brought it to our treatment facility.  After its initial examination, it appeared to be in good health just hungry.

The following morning our veterinarian did an examination and agreed with the initial exam.  This little guy will be given time to mature and learn to eat on its own and fly before it will be released.

This young Kestrel has been moved to one of our volunteer's homes. She will monitor his food and weight. When he is big enough , he will be moved to the pens with our other young kestrels, where he can learn to take care of himself.

This young kestrel has matured enough to be moved to our rehabilitation facility with our other young kestrels. He will eventually be released.

07/01/2019 - This kestrel is young and healthy.  He has been moved in with the other young kestrels we have.  When it is determined that he can take care of himself, and successfully hunt live prey, he will be released.

How You Can Help

It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.