05292016 American Kestrel

Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
illegally raised and imprinted to humans
UPDATE: 28June2016 05292016-AMKE. Good news for this little girl! Although she appeared to be imprinted to humans, she is not! After being with other kestrels and away from human contact, she wants nothing to do with humans! She should be released late summer with the other orphaned kestrels.

I received a call at 2:50PM from the Rescue Coordinator regarding a possible baby Peregrine Falcon. When I arrived, the rescuer had a full grown female American Kestrel perched on their hand. She was very content with her surroundings. The rescuer found her on their enclosed porch hanging onto the door frame trying to get inside. They brought her in, gave her water and fed her a few pieces of ham.  I did a brief exam which she let me perform without any troubles. She climbed up my arm and sat on my shoulder. She fluffed up and roused.  Dr. Pat examined her and told me that I was completely correct. Someone had raised her from a baby. She sent out word to a few Falconer's to see if she could find her a permanent home. 

05292016-AMKE. This little girl will never be able to be released into the wild because she was imprinted when we got her.  Someone probably found her when she was quite tiny and tried to raise her.  When she could fly she was either released or escaped; she then ended up hanging on someone's screen to get into the house!  
Soarin' Hawk has decided to add her to our education permit.  She will allow us to show the difference in coloration between she and our male kestrels.


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