05282019 - Red-tailed Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Angola, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Car Strike
UPDATE: 11/14/19 This Hawk has been placed as an Display bird with the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Fort Wayne, IN

We received a call about picking up a red-tailed hawk that had been hit by a car two days earlier.  The caller was from Angola, IN.

Our volunteer picked up the bird and took it to Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic to be examined by Dr. Funnell.

The bird has an eye injury, nasal discharge, and wing fracture.  It was taken to our treatment facility and its wing was wrapped to stabilize the fracture.  It was given medication for pain and an antibiotic for any possible infection.  Its eye was treated with steroid drops.

06/06/2019 This Hawk is still receiving treatment for its injuries

06/15/19 Treatment for this birds eye was determined to be unsuccessful. This makes this Hawk unreleasable.  We will try to find a facility for placement

06/22/19 This Hawk has been moved to our rehabilitation facility. We are hoping to find a permanent  facility for this bird

08/14/19 This handsome bird has an eye injury, and has been deemed non-releasable. An attempt will be made to place him with another facility as an education bird.

09/15/19 No change in this birds status

10/01/19 There has been no change in this birds status

10/15/19 There has been no change in this birds status

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.