05242016 Eastern Screech Owl

Location of Rescue: 
just walking around, and noticed by the dog, oops
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: Another successful return to the wild. Released Oct 21, 2016

I received a call at 8:30PM from the Rescue Coordinator regarding a baby screech owl.  I arrived at the location to find this cute little thing perched on the rescuers gloved hand.

The rescuer informed me that their dog was barking like crazy at something outside so she went to check on it.  The dog was barking at this tiny little owl on the ground.  After looking around the area to see if she could find a nest or mama, to no avail, she gave in and called Soarin’ Hawk for a rescue.

Brief assessment of this little guy was perfect…  Very alert, clear eyes, beak, talons, toes, and wings looked fine, just covered in down feathers.  
Dr. Pat briefly examined the screech owl baby.  She said his keel felt good and didn’t find anything wrong. She fed him some dinner and I left him to settle in for the night.


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